The Oh So Struggles of a Summer Baby.

Summer. It means that now exams are over, you can celebrate and party till the sun comes up…yeah, err, well, not for you August babies, did nobody tell you? You’re excluded.

My 18th is approaching in the next few (endless) weeks and I clearly didn’t realise what a pain it would be. I mean, an August baby? Couldn’t Mum have crossed her legs and willed me to stay put till my due date? I mean, it’s certainly not a bad time to give birth – fewer fears of germs getting your baby sick and plenty of sunshiney days for garden birthday parties when they’re older. But what does having a baby in the summertime mean for your child as they grow up?

When I was younger, I remember being overly disappointed each year as my friends hauled in plate after plate of sugary goodness to share with the class, every single one of us stopping our work to sing “Happy Birthday” to that lucky kid, to then consume that delicious succulent cake the kid brought. That’s when I began to think…yeah being an August baby really does SUCK.

Turning 18 in the UK means you can drink…legally. Yes, we have all had our fair share of ‘illegal’ drinking at house parties, beaches, festivals, car parks…you name it, we’ve done it. But, there’s something about modern day technology and our SUPER tight law that is making this rather difficult when approaching a club on a Friday night – face scanners can you please just be a little lenient?

I say blame the parents. We seem to find ourselves in this ongoing (heated) discussion consisting of myself repeatedly telling them how I will plan when to conceive my children so they aren’t deprived of a social life in that ever-so-important year. The response I receive generally goes a little like “back in my day, you didn’t need ID to get into any bars or clubs, I just used to sneak in and sit in the corner”. Yeah thanks Mum, I’ve already tried that. (Approaching a rather Shrek looking bouncer with an ID that is most definitely not you, whilst already a little tipsy is just a recipe for disaster – let’s just say I’m not trying that one again.)

It’s hearing your friend’s story who has used an ID that has a different face, eyes, nose, a different everything, and gets in with no hesitation, that makes me question that drama GCSE and those other LAMDA certificates I received with my not so convincing pleading performance upon entrance into a club.

So with all this in mind, I’ve decided to provide you with a list of 10 things that occur when you have a summer birthday (like me):

1. As a kid you never got balloons at school like the other cool kids. Or a special class dedication with a song or cupcakes. BUT, the chief virtue of a summer birthday is easy: NO SCHOOL. Do you really want to spend your long awaited special day in a classroom or cramming for an exam? I didn’t think so.

2. You’re in constant worry that people won’t turn up to your birthday parties… what’s worse is when people just don’t flat out show up.

3. …Because it’s summer and they already have holiday plans.
Everyone is on holiday in Disneyland, and of course they would LOVE to change plans so they can roller-skate with you for two hours, but they just CAN’T.

4. You’re ALWAYS talking about it. Let’s face it, unless it’s your family or significant other, people won’t remember your birthday in the middle of summer. So you talk about it just to make sure your friends get the message.

5. Science tell us to EMBRACE THE RAYS. (It’s good for your health). In 2010, research scientists affiliated with Vanderbilt University exposing mice to varying levels of sunlight. Their results suggested that those raised in summer conditions had friendlier personalities and “coped better than those who went through the winter cycle”. The winter-cycle mice exhibited symptoms akin to humans suffering from seasonal affective disorder.
Douglas McMahon, one of the study’s authors, also noted in an interview with the Daily Mail that their work revealed “people born in the winter months have an elevated risk of mood disorder such as seasonal depression, bipolar depression, and schizophrenia.” So, lets have it for the “sunny disposition on life” YAY!

6. You always seem to be the youngest in your class/group of friends. 
Which means everyone can drive before you. And drink before you.

7. In a world absolutely saturated with media, you get bombarded with TONS of birthday messages from your friends and family on social media… even better, because the weather is nice they mean it!

8. Yes it’s true that someone with a summer birthday will trend younger in a peer group, but is this really a disadvantage?  Being the baby has its benefits though. Because you’re younger people will take you under their wing. Your friends will hit 18 and 21 earlier, but they’ll also hit 30 and 40 first, too. You’ll thank your parents in the future.

9. So little competition from holiday fatigue, so many prezzies. A summer birthday puts you on the far side of the Christmas orbit, when present fatigue ebbs lowest. I feel for anyone with a Christmas-time birthday – you become sentenced to a lifetime of awkward combo gifts from cheapskate family members. Bad move. Besides, we are 6 or so months away from the holiday season, which is perfect.

10.  Finally, famous Virgos include Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, Prince Harry, Hugh Grant, Niall Horan, (my Mum!), and a rich concentration of other Hollywood’s biggest celebs, all of which is to say that you’re keeping good company, winning company.

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