The Third Wheel (is underrated)

Hanging out with couples is just another part of being single, whether you love them or loathe them…you’ve just got to accept it.
If you’re single, the pact of “single friends like you” is a group that seems to reduce in size the older and closer to summer you get. It becomes easy to feel like you’re running out of people to hang out with when all your besties now come as a two-piece, tied up in a sweetly wrapped package. Come on ladies, what happened to chicks before dicks?!
Then this happens… every single time:
“Hey, come and hang out with us!”
“Nah, not today, I don’t want to intrude”
“No, seriously its fine”
“Are you sure? It’s not going to be weird is it?”
“Yeah! It’ll be fun!”
…And then it begins. They start drinking their Costa frapp with two straws, making sweet eyes at each other whilst you fake check your Instagram feed. Then, of course, there’s always that situation where you’re not sure whether to keep pretending to be asleep or to just get up and jump straight out of that odd 3 in a bed third wheel experience. Yep, we’ve all been there.



It is an utter phenomenon, safe to say, that we ALL know too well, the oh so undesirable fate of being stuck as a “Third Wheel”.  But I’m not complaining…the truth is, I’m having a good time doing what I do as a single woman.

Instead of thinking of your coupled-up friends as a constant reminder of your bitter loneliness, think of all the good things that come with having a pair of friends who are much, much better at sustaining a relationship than you are.
This post is bringing you news that the lifestyle us singles live and breathe: The Third Wheel, doesn’t have to be so terrible.
I mean, come on, having two friends is undeniably better than having just one. Unintentionally learning the dos and don’ts of relationships can make you realise all the good things about being single…when the broken record begins to play of who takes up the most room in bed, you know that you can go home, get into bed and sleep exactly how you want.
Constantly having access to a guy’s point of view is top on my list. Not being afraid to ask him embarrassing questions because knowing your best friend will have your back if he judges you is always a winner. He can tell you if the guy you’re talking to is a complete waste of space with a quick read of a text.
Getting a glimpse of the non-romantic side of relationships makes you realise having a boyfriend isn’t all roses and chocolate when your best friend pops the pimple on his chin. Ew, I think I’d rather be without. And on the plus side, you learn how to handle awkward situations, and eventually forget what awkward even feels like – A picture of the three of you, the boyfriend planting a kiss on your mate’s cheek with you standing within close proximity, arms by your side, hands folded in front of you would be awkward for any other normal person. But not for you, nothing makes you feel awkward.
Eventually, you’ll realise you’re thankful that your best friend attempts to include you at all. Yeah, all you may be wanting is a girly shopping trip,  but she has to maintain the friendship…even if it means you have to third wheel. Besides, your BFF is not one of those people who gets a boyfriend and drops off the face of the earth. Think of the situation as more of a tripod…where all three legs belong!


And don’t worry, there are plenty of restaurants that cater to your “Three is NOT a crowd” lifestyle during this shopping trip.

And the silver lining? You only need one more person for a double date.

But who are we kidding?! Being a third wheel is actually the worst, so let’s drop the act.

 And what’s worse than third wheeling?


…Being the fifth wheel.

 Sorry guys, this is where we draw the line.

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