The Insta Identity (Dilemma)

Yes, it’s sad to admit that Instagram this year has been all about building your personal ‘brand’ online. With every Tom, Dick and Harry comes a perfectly crafted and manicured Instagram account which has become this season’s must-have. Your perfect fry up isn’t a perfect fry up unless it has been artfully arranged, shot from above and edited to perfection with the addition of a Valencia filter. We all know the game.
I follow someone who seemingly only sees the world in B&W. Don’t get me wrong, it looks great, but I just can’t be bothered. I wish I was one of the cool people with an envy-worthy Instagram account, but I just can’t commit.
I have considered it. Adding a border or applying the same Crema filter to every image. But this is where dilemmas occur… I mean, what if your face looks better with a Hudson filter than Aden one Monday morning? All B&W? … What if there’s a rainbow? All these problems need considering and I’m not going to dampen my mood just because a picture doesn’t fit with my well-structured theme. Nah.


But these past two weeks I have come across my very on Insta dilemma. I have become a grandmother. My very own cat has become a mum. Witnessing the mating with the Tom cat next door (yes, I saw it), going for a kitten scan, and helping during the birth has made me feel as if I am a big part of the process.
Four new additions to the family have set up camp in the drawer under the bed and my camera roll doesn’t know what’s hit it. I’m trying very hard to keep check on myself. For the first three days there was no way I could be tired of watching the little rat-looking things crawl around and sleep nestled into one another. Trust me it was cute. It was as if One Born Every Minute had started a new TV show for cats. However, I’m pretty sure the people of Instagram wouldn’t find it as entertaining as I do seeing 6 cloned images of the same thing posted one after the other onto my feed.
Real human Mums, I do salute you for the spam control over your new borns.



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