Just a small fish in a big pond

‘Tis the season to be jolly’. It’s early December and I, like many others are counting down the days till I can come home for Christmas… I CAN’T WAIT! (a quick stop in Tenerife for me first though)

The past three months have been a bit of a whirlwind, and moving to Cardiff has certainly made me feel as if I have aged 10 or so years; physically and mentally (the bags under my eyes are definitely worth it).

Upon moving into halls it’s safe to say I was rather overwhelmed. The excitement takes over and you are suddenly thrown into a pond far too big for a tiny fish like yourself. After leaving summer with what you thought were the only friends in your life, it’s safe to say you will be blessed with the new people you are about to meet. Every day is a new day, and every new person you meet is different… you just never know when you’re going to meet an unexpected gem.

Uni life is certainly intense, think of it as Big Brother with the additional work and lack of cameras. Coming to uni after just having my 18th birthday was a bit of a wake-up call, especially finding myself in a house full of gap year students nearly 2 years my senior – I was the real ‘baby’ of the house.

It wasn’t until I actually got here I realised how different everybody is and how much I love this little place I call home. Everyone is in the same boat, friendly and up for a good time; what more could you want when living away?

The dreaded ‘feeling homesick’ was something I definitely thought I would be feeling more upset about (if missing your cats doesn’t count?). However, having your sister in the same city and mum on the end of the phone every day, more interested in the gossip, flat dramas and if you have yet got a boyfriend makes my day. (And no mum, still no boyfriend!) You get used to it. However, it does hit you when you realise that mum isn’t there to pick up the pieces when it all seems to be going wrong, or when you have run out of loo roll, but I guess it’s all a stage of growing up. It’s also amazing how long you can go without taking a trip to the launderette. (Mum’s jobs at home need much more appreciation).

After freshers week is over, you soon learn that becoming sleep deprived is normal, and yes, your comfortable summer sleeping pattern doesn’t take long to become messed up. I am very grateful for my earplugs, and even more proud of my true dedication to naps. Yik Yak becomes the biggest form of procrastination and nights out will soon blur into one. Uni most certainly brings out the inner child in you, discovering multiple ways to prank other flatmates and housemates, no matter how crap they are.

Starting uni as a single girl only leads to the topic, that being… boys. After having the awkward sex talk with mum done and dusted, it was time to meet the highly anticipated ‘Uni Boys’. Guiltily confessing, in Freshers week, every guy I seemed to meet, I fancied. But, the excitement soon wore off (thank god).

There’s always a moment during a night out when you will meet one person (or potentially 10 people) that will make your heart pound and body tingle and think, ‘That’s it! ‘That’s the one!’. You’ve eyed him up, maybe chatted with them at the bar, danced awkwardly, and it will seem like you have hit the ultimate jackpot; then at some point in the evening they will disappear for NO REASON WHATSOEVER, or you will wander off in a haze of drunken euphoria and never see them again.

You’ll be left scanning the room and doing shots with your friends, pretending they weren’t that hot in the first place, wondering whether you will ever see that beautiful face again. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to happen a lot.

University has been all I expected and more. It’s the perfect time to seek out ‘your people’ who make your life better, not more stressful. It’s certainly what you make of it, and it’s just the beginning.

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