New Year, New… ahh forget it.

Ah, New Year. The time when you leave all your problems behind in the year you just left.
You physically cannot escape the media world posting inspirational health and fitness regimes including the whole how to be a ‘new you’ malarky. The New Year is quite simply how you make it. Don’t create a new identity, improve the one you’ve already got.
In order for you to look forward, you have got to look backwards. So, instead of supplying you with a BORING list filled with motivational quotes and reasons to get off your arse, I have left you with 21 things I have learnt in 2015 – so you can still sit on that arse of yours and continue with the procrastination that we all seem to do on a rainy day like today:
1. Go abroad for Christmas. The sunshine will set your spirits higher than the commercialised Christmas advertisements. Besides, sunshine over rain any day!

2. Not having a cup of tea in the morning is the cause of a bad day.

3. Friends come and go. When a friend stops treating you the way they should, don’t chase. You don’t need to be the one running after someone who isn’t bothered to have you in their life. Let them go.

4. The really bad things that happen in life are never the ones you expect, so you might as well stop worrying.

5. Don’t hold back tears, it really is ok to cry. I do it a lot, it’s healthy.

6. It’s fully possible to fall for the idea of someone (even if the real person isn’t actually so great).

7. Don’t ever feel pressured into anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. You don’t have to follow everyone else to feel accepted.

8. Protect your feelings, your affection should be won – not assumed.

9. Know your limits. (Too much Vodka gave me a black eye on my 18th Birthday – No, there was no fighting… I’m just a massive klutz.) 

10. Never, ever feel bad about telling someone that you care.

11. It’s possible to not know someone on a Monday, and not be able to stop thinking about them by Friday.

12. Don’t make promises you can’t keep – they’ll just end up stressing you out.

13. Stop comparing yourself to others.

14. Have big feelings.

15. Buy a waterproof coat. Umbrellas and fur coats in the wind and rain just don’t work.

16. Walking out of your door and spraining your ankle is totally achievable.

17. Never talk yourself out of dancing.

18. Stop reading the books you hate, you’re not going to prove anything by finishing them.

19. If you don’t want to go to the party/go out, don’t go.

20. Never trust people too quickly, you’ll always end up disappointed.

21. Cuddle a lot.

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