January resolutions? Pfffft.

The first of February is looming and by now your resolutions should be becoming a whole lot clearer. You attempted dry January, and failed, so what the heck, you may as well just start afresh in Feb.

For a girl that is perpetually clumsy, I have done surprisingly well for January, despite the hiccups such as the constant tripping up steps and surprising myself with a whole lot of bruises whilst taking a shower. Where did they come from? How did they get here? Each day is a mini surprise.

Uneven pavement slabs ruin my day; I feel truly gifted to say that my ankle resulted in a trip to the doctor and in bandages after (guiltily) stumbling in broad daylight on nothing outside my flat. Luckily that was in 2015, and it’s safe to say the resolution to be less of a klutz is going well for me. HOORAH.

Each year we try to make better than the last. Maybe you failed the exam you were convinced you had passed, you became heartbroken, disappointed by someone, or maybe you just felt like you had let yourself down. I’m certainly no therapist, nor agony aunt, but over the past month I have collated all my ideas concerning some easy ways to make this year the best year.

I’m no fortune teller either, so heads up, I won’t be able to predict this year for you (that’s what horoscopes are for), but it is important to think positively no matter how down in the dumps about life you may be…

– Don’t get caught up in other people’s drama
Be the zen in the universe. When you hear about insane, incredulous and exasperating situations, be a great listener but don’t let someone else’s madness become your own. Let people vent and blow off steam rather than you get involved. Celebrity Big Brother right now is a perfect way to control and practise this, your fists will be clenching and mouths gaping at what you see going on in there. The beauty being that there’s nothing else you can do than sit in front of the screen night after night waiting to see what happens next, oooh the suspense.

– Be healthy, but not obsessive 
Eat healthy, drink less, sleep more but pig out every now and again. Stop worrying about every calorie, every pound. You must give yourself a license to have a little fun.

– Reconnect with an old friend 
Contact that person you were meant ring in weeks/months/years, but never did. Make the effort this year by returning phone calls, making plans to meet them and stick to those plans. It’s the little actions that go a long way.

– Move on from the person who isn’t worth your time 
When the guy you’re interested in doesn’t contact you after a few dates, pretend he’s taken an impromptu trip around the world by sea and isn’t contactable any longer. Then move on and stop waiting for him to remember how great you are. Don’t chase, don’t play his games, always be yourself, and just get on with whatever’s thrown at you.

– Read books and lots of them 
Read, read and read more books that you know absolutely nothing about.

– Quit over-scheduling yourself and see where the day takes you
Put down the diary for the day. Adventure lives in spontaneity and the willingness to explore the unknown.

– Stop caring about what people think of you
I’m culpable, and annoyed to say that this still affects me. Being sensitive is a trait that can become extremely frustrating, especially when you’re trying your best to not let anything get to you. Moving on to less serious business; one thing I used to be so caught up on was the struggle of being the girl that just can’t be sexy. People tell me that I’m cute all the time – even when I’m doing nothing to warrant such a comment. I have learnt to embrace the cuteness. Life really hit a low when my flatmate tried to encourage me to go skiing because I would look cute in ear muffs. I guess the comment was cute.

– Start taking some people at face value 
People are not always who you think they are. Be open minded, don’t trust too easily, simple as that.

– Treat yourself, and try new things
Go to a coffee shop, order something different. Go out for dinner and ask to share whatever your friend is having. I discovered bubble tea last week, and for a tea lover I have to admit it was a weird but delightful experience (I’ll let you stumble upon that yourself).

– Stop making unnecessary mistakes
Think twice before you act. Cause and effect, cause and effect, cause and effect.

– Apologise when you mess up – even for the smallest of things
Mistakes are mistakes, but how you take responsibility for those incidents that will have a lasting impact on your relationships.

– And finally, spend your time with the people who fill you up with light
People that give you love and good vitality and who understand you enough to appreciate the remarkable human you are. This is the best way to celebrate any year from now until the end of time.

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