The Uni Frogs.

They say you have to kiss a few frogs before you meet your prince. During my first semester I have come across the many types of guys you will probably end up meeting at Uni. Unfortunately, we won’t all get our Nicholas Sparks’ fictitious happily ever after, but for now these just might have to do:

– The Rugby Boy

Cardiff Uni most definitely brings out the Rugby boys. Located at the infamous ‘Rugby Corner’, they’re loud, rude and randy, with a ‘laddy’ exterior and an unusually intimate relationship with their team. No one necessarily plans to pull the sports society type, but hey, it happens to everyone. Blame it on the alcohol or that they look half decent on the pitch, and quite simply move on.

– The Fuckboy

Urban Dictionary
defines a ‘fuckboy’ as someone who “will screw over anyone and everyone as long as they get what they want”. So when you meet a self-proclaimed ‘fuckboy’, you know to stay well away. A one-night stand is for one night only. “Girls aren’t people” – Self explanatory really.

– The Clinger


You made his whole uni life when you drunkenly locked your eyes upon him in freshers week. Fast forward to the morning after, where you are woken up to 5 missed calls, 6 texts asking if you got home safely, and follows on all your social media accounts. You can’t remember if you even kissed him or not, but you are wondering why you ever glanced his way in the first place. He’s probably going to try and win you over for the rest of your university life, so you’ve just got to grin and bear it.

– The Fit One

The guy you fall in love with the first time you lay eyes on him. You know they’re not the relationship type, however his mysterious aura, striking looks and just generally ‘cool’ personality quite simply makes you feel weak at the knees. His arrogance (I’m not going to lie) is extremely attractive and constantly reminds you that they’re WAY out of your league. Let’s just be honest, they’re fit and they’re not yours. (But I definitely wouldn’t say no!)

– The Cheetah

He’s initially ‘Mr Nice Guy’. He’s attractive; talk, dark and handsome – basically all you want and more from a nights worth of flirtation. If he’s gonna be your lover, he’s gotta get with your friends – and boy did he impress. He sweet talks you all night, you share a kiss. The messaging begins, you meet again, but little did you know he has a girlfriend. ABORT, I REPEAT, ABORT.

– The ‘Wingman’

The friend that tries his hardest to be the best ‘wingman’ he possibly can. He’s controlling, starts on your friends and basically acts like the biggest dickhead around in the hope you will fall in love with his mate. Err no. Because if the ‘wingman’ is that bothersome, then his friend’s not got a hope in hell.

– The Player

You shouldn’t, you know you shouldn’t but his looks paired with his charisma makes it hard for you to resist him when he’s eyeing you up across the dance floor – his eyes say it all – “I’m a dick, but you want me”. He’s 10 Things’ Joey Donner mixed with Scotty T’s reputation from Geordie Shore – with a sock on his door and a new notch to add to his bed post at the end of every night out. Weeks go by and no matter how much you don’t want to like him, you can’t help but feel more attracted to this cheeky chap. The games begin and you’re left feeling hurt and disappointed when he’s deliberately all over another girl in front of you – you knew what he was like and it didn’t come as a surprise – yet you still know you’d go back there and you hate yourself for it. You know you’re not just friends, but you’re not anything more, you’re constantly left not knowing where you stand – but in all honesty, you don’t even want anything anymore, after all, a leopard never changes his spots.

– The Nice Guy

The one you want to wed. He’s your best friend, gorgeous; quite literally the perfect package wrapped neatly with a bow. He respects every woman who comes near him, and would call you ‘beautiful’ over ever calling you ‘fit’ – not only because he knows that girls prefer it, but he’s a hopeless romantic who means every word. He endures in long rants about guys that have mugged you off, and will respond with comments that make you further question why you’re not already in love with him. You’ll become jealous and feel protective over every girl he begins to like, but for some strange reason you can’t comprehend, you can’t find it in you to fall for him as much as you know you’re crazy not to. All you can do is hope and pray that you will fall madly in love because you know that you couldn’t get any better… and by that time he’s probably found someone else!

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