Moving Image

(2017) ‘Under the Surface’ – Experience Design Documentary Trailer
Trailer for The University of Sydney (USYD) Documentary project.
Designer: Jack Bennett

Audio: The Builder by Kevin MacLeod

(2015) ‘Normal’ Short Film
A viral marketing awareness video promoting the negative impacts of the media’s ideology and representation of homosexuality. It attempts to use juxtaposition to represent LGBT in a normalised, positive light. Its purpose is to portray a positive representation of homosexuals, based from the perspective of a child with lesbian parents, who experiences isolation and bullying from the community around her, to position the audience to be more aware of the feelings of those seen as “other”. It represents how society’s perception of the homosexual has been shaped by the media, and how these perceptions have been reinforced into our youth.

Audio: Robins Island Music Group, “Your Eyes Say Goodbye”